Passage Event Ticketing

Virtual QUEUES

Make More Time FOR FUN

Less time in line = More revenue opportunities

  • Alleviate bottlenecks: Avoid over-crowding at your venue’s entrance and give guests more flexibility while they wait for their turn to enter.
  • Increase guest happiness: Long lines stink. Give your guests the freedom to enjoy your concessions area, gift shop, or other attractions while they wait. 
  • Increase revenue: Guests who are standing in line are not spending money.
  • Manage crowds better: Virtual queues give you more control to manage the crowd flow at your event and help you maximize the capacity of your venue.

More Check-in Options

With Passage virtual queues, you choose how you want to check guests in when they arrive. 

  1. Self Check-In: Guests scan a QR code to enter the virtual queue.
  2. Staff Check-In: Guests check in with a member of your staff who enters them into the virtual queue.
With either option, you can manually re-arrange guests in the queue or group parties of guests together. Schedule a demo to see how simple it can be. 

How Virtual Queues Work

  1. When guests arrive at your event or venue, they’ll be “checked in” to your Virtual Queue.
  2. You determine how many guests you want to allow to enter your venue at a time.
  3. Guests are notified via SMS text when it’s their turn to enter. As they enter, you check them off the virtual queue, allowing the next group of virtual queuers to be notified.

Click here to learn more about setting up your virtual queue. 

Get Your Ticket

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