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dive into fun with all-in-one ticketing and payments

Simple, all-in-one ticketing and payments, both online and at-the-door, made for amusement parks, entertainment, and attractions!

All at ZERO cost to your event.

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young boy throwing his arms in the air as he gets splashed by water while riding an inflatable raft at a water park, with dad and sister in background

Make A Splash

With event pages that stand out and make sales

Customize your page on our site, or embed it into your own website with one line of code. You have control over the branding, graphics, and content. Ask about white label ticketing for even more customization.

Thrill Guests

With super fast scanning

Long lines stink. Get guests through the door faster with our mobile scanner that reads tickets in 0.25 seconds flat. Or eliminate lines altogether with a virtual queue.

two smiling young women riding a carnival ride
two young women riding a roller coaster, one smiling and looking at her friend who is laughing and screaming while holding onto lap bar

Coast into Savings

With fees passed onto the ticket purchaser

The Passage platform is 100% FREE for your attractions. ALL fees can be passed onto the ticket purchaser, and are a fraction of fees from our competitors. No setup fees. No monthly fees. No contracts.

Set the Stage

For a streamlined show

Stop juggling multiple systems to manage online, in-person, tickets, merchandise, and concessions sales. Passage powers all of your sales in one easy-to-use platform.

two flamenco dancers performing in colorful red and yellow costumes with an audience in seated in chairs the background and confetti & flowers falling around them
relaxed lion laying in the grass while yawning

Roar into Revenue Growth

With subscriptions & season passes

Generate recurring revenue and create superfans with an annual or season pass. Offer unlimited access to your attractions with passes that automatically renew monthly or annually.

Events Love Passage

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Get Your Ticket

Get set-up and selling tickets and merchandise for your event in 60 seconds. Why not try it?

Passage serves up over FIFTEEN MILLION views to vertical-specific event-seekers all over the country. Whether you run a wine tasting, a haunted house, or a beer festival, we put your event in front of people interested in your type of event. This alone is going to help you sell more tickets!