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“Great people to work with. Always there to help and fast service. Best online ticket company out there.” 

Tami Shaw

Shawhaven Haunted Farm

“Passage has been wonderful for our small theater! The price is incredibly reasonable, and we never get customer complaints about fees like we did with some other ticketing services. It’s easy to use for both our back office, and the customer, and if anything does come up, the support team is readily available and easy to contact.”

Jessica Loria

Go Comedy! Improv Theater

“We have used multiple online payment options before and Passage
by far has been the best not only in price but in meeting our multiple event needs.” – Cyndi Noyes, Haunted Field

Cyndi Noyes

Haunted Field

“I’m not an IT person, having to figure out something new for
payments was a daunting task until I came upon this wonderful business. Passage helped me with everything.”

Elizabeth Casarez

Rio Grande Valley Celtic Festival

“Simply put Passage has been vital to our first season success and made an important part of our organizations offering extremely easy to manage and optimize. Couldn’t imagine game days without them.”

Damon Gochneaur

Denton Diablos FC

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Our all-in-one payments platform manages online & at-the-door sales for tickets, bookings, merchandise, and concessions so you can quit staying late to reconcile multiple payment platforms.

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Fully customizable ticketing and product inventories allow you to design specifications exactly for YOUR event. Nothing boxes you in or limits your imagination.

Best-in-Class Reporting

Best-in-class reporting and email integrations help you stay in touch with your customers so you can build loyal followers and reach more people.

Millions of fans are searching for events like yours on our platform. We’ll help them find you.

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