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Event Subscriptions

From streaming to meal kits, subscriptions Are part of everyday life

Your Fans Prefer Subscriptions

Events love subscriptions because they offer consistent revenue. Customers love them because they’re convenient and because they add something of value to our everyday lives, whether that’s entertainment or basic necessities.
  • More consistent revenue: Whether your fans attend in person or online, subscriptions can bring in consistent revenue for your venue.
  • Build loyal fans: 64% of consumers feel more connected to businesses they subscribe to versus companies offering one-off purchases. 
  • Convenience: Your fans don’t have to pull out their credit cards every time they see one of your events they want to attend. Plus, there’s no need to stop by the box office.
  • Guaranteed access: subscribers don’t have to worry that an in-person event will sell out before they can score tickets. 

Will subscriptions work for my event?

Subscriptions are excellent for things like annual passes, a weekly concert series, or monthly pop-up events. 
A subscription might be right for you if you can answer yes to at least one of the following questions:
  • Do you host events every month? Fans want consistent entertainment options. If you host at least one event per month, whether it’s virtual, in person, or hybrid, subscriptions might be a good fit for you. 

  • Do you own or manage a venue? Subscriptions are great for venues because you can offer fans access to a multitude of different types of events. The artists, producers, and promoters may change each month, but fans know they can expect a certain level of quality and entertainment when they subscribe to your venue.

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