Passage Event Ticketing


Guests who are waiting in line aren't spending money

  • Less time in line = more revenue: Guests have a limited window of time to experience your attractions. If they spend less time in line, they can visit the gift shop, play midway games, or purchase concessions. 
  • Create happier guests: No one likes standing in line. Improve your guest experience and generate better guest reviews when you reduce wait times. 
  • More accurate staffing projections: When you know exactly how many guests will visit during a given time window, you can easily staff up or down depending on the crowds.  
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Smooth Out the Crowd Flow At Your Events

No More Bottlenecks

  • Control the size of crowds and keep lines moving quickly: Guests choose their entry window when purchasing tickets. 
  • You control the time slots: Schedule entry for any duration, as short as five minutes. 
  • Limit inventory: Set a ticket limit for each time slot to control inventory. You could have 100 tickets available each hour, 60 tickets every 30 minutes, or even all the way down to allowing just 1 group every 5 minutes.
  • Set a buffer: You can even set buffer times in between each time slot, so you have time to prepare for the next group.
  • Variable pricing: Make different ticket types available for different time slots, allowing for variable pricing between slow and busy times.

Let us Do the Heavy Lifting

Short on time? Too much on your to-do list? Let our concierge support team set everything up for you!

Just send us your event details, and our experts will build out your timed ticketing (or anything else you need) at zero cost. We know you’re busy, and we’re here to help.

Get Your Ticket

Get set-up and selling tickets and merchandise for your event in 60 seconds. Why not try it?

Passage serves up over FIVE MILLION views to vertical-specific event-seekers all over the country. Whether you run a wine tasting, a haunted house, or a beer festival, we put your event in front of people interested in your type of event. This alone is going to help you sell more tickets!