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Just like trading cards, Digital NFT Collectibles are owned by a single person (or entity) and they can have a limited number that can be produced. they can even be traded and re-sold after they’re initially purchased! 

Passage Digital Collectibles allows event organizers to create and sell digital NFT collectibles that actually add value for fans, giving them a reason to purchase, share, and even trade and collect.

Easy Digital NFT Collectibles


Unfortunately, NFTs have traditionally been difficult to create and purchase, because they require special “blockchain” wallets, cryptocurrency, and complicated “minting” (creation) processes. With Passage’s Digital Collectibles, though, an event organizer with zero blockchain knowledge can create a digital collectible in seconds and sell it to a fan with zero blockchain knowledge. All they need is an email address and a credit card!

  • Setup in 60 Seconds
  • Zero Cost Minting (Creation)
  • No Outside Blockchain Wallet or Software Required
  • Fans Can Purchase with Credit/Debit Card (No Cryptocurrency Needed!)

ADded Value to FANS

NFTs have also traditionally been lacking in use-cases. While limited edition art can be cool, adding value for your fans can mean greater revenue for your event. Passage enables event organizers to create Digital Collectibles that are MORE than just an image or video clip.

With Passage Digital Collectibles, event organizers can allow purchasers to enter special areas of an event, view a purchaser-only video, access a private virtual event, and much more to add value and generate more revenue.

  • Limited Edition: Set the Number You Want to Sell!
  • Up to 500MB of Secret Assets (Text, Images, GIFs, Video Clips).
    • Can only be seen after purchasing!
  • Special Access to VIP Areas of Events.
  • Owners-Only Access to Virtual Events.
    • Great for meet-and-greets with coaches/players, special musical performances, and more.
  •  Access to Special “Super Fan” Sales/Discounts.
  • Purchasers Can Transfer and Resell or Trade on NFT Marketplaces Such as OpenSea.
Passage Collectibles NFT Example

Interested in Passage Collectibles?

Leave your contact info and we’ll keep you up-to-date as we work with event organizers around the world to launch new digital collectibles. 

Interested in launching your own digital collectibles? Just click the “I’m Interested in Beta Testing Passage Collectibles!” checkbox and we’ll reach out soon!

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Reach More Fans, Sell More Tickets

Big box ticketing providers try to fit all events into the same box. They’re expensive, clunky, and offer little to no support for small or midsize events.

At Passage, we believe your ticketing platform should work for you, not the other way around. Our all-in-one mobile box office gives you the flexibility and control to customize your ticketing, merchandise, and concessions exactly for YOUR event. Nothing boxes you in or limits your imagination.

Oh, and we’ll help you sell MORE tickets. What other ticketing platform can say that?


Not everything has to be difficult. With Passage, you can use the power of the Passage ticketing platform to get set up and selling tickets in a matter of minutes.

  • 60-Second Sign Up
  • Get Paid Within Two Business Days of Every Sale​
  • No Outside Payment Account Needed​
  • Concierge Support In Case You Get Stuck​


Tired of having five different payment systems for all of your revenue streams? We are too. Simplify your life by using Passage to keep everything on one platform.

  • Online Ticket Sales​
  • Online Merchandise Sales​​
  • Online Season Ticket & Bundle Sales​
  • At-the-Door Ticket Sales​
  • At-the-Door Merchandise Sales​
  • At-the-Door Concession Sales​

Get Your Ticket

Get set-up and selling tickets and merchandise for your event in 60 seconds. Why not try it?

Passage serves up over FIVE MILLION views to vertical-specific event-seekers all over the country. Whether you run a wine tasting, a haunted house, or a beer festival, we put your event in front of people interested in your type of event. This alone is going to help you sell more tickets!