Passage Event Ticketing

Refund Protection

Increased Revenue. Fewer Disputes. More Peace of Mind.

refund protection offers guests peace of mind

Boost Your Bottom Line

One of the most exciting benefits of Refund Protection is the extra revenue you’ll earn. Every time a guest purchases Refund Protection, your event will receive $0.25 – without doing any extra work!

How Does It Work?

  • When this feature is enabled, your guests will be able to add Refund Protection with a single click on the checkout page. 
  • Your guests are covered if they’re unable to attend your event due to one of the unforeseen circumstances covered in the program, including accident, illness, and family emergency.
  • Protection is free for the event organizer and costs customers a nominal percentage of their cart total. 
  • Refund Protection is turned on by default, but you can opt-out by contacting our support team. 
guests can select refund protection at checkout
With refund protection, you keep your ticket revenue and your customers keep their money

Keep The Change

We’ve got the refund covered. You and your customer keep your money, and your peace of mind. Plus, your inventory is released back to the marketplace for a future purchase. It’s a win-win!

Benefits for Your Event

Refund Protection gives your event the power to:

  • Convert On-the-Fence Buyers: The extra peace of mind makes it easy for guests to purchase tickets without hesitation, converting buyers who might otherwise wait or decide not to buy. 
  • Reduce Disputes & Refunds: When a customer adds Refund Protection to their purchase, you won’t have to worry about fielding refund requests. 
  • Increase Loyalty & Retention: When guests have a positive experience with your event, they’re more likely to return in the future. And to encourage their friends & family to visit. Refund Protection carries that positive guest experience through, even when someone isn’t able to attend.
refund protection reduces disputes and increases customer loyalty

Get Your Ticket

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