Passage Event Ticketing

STAR TSP654II-E SK Printer


STAR TSP654II-E SK Printer


Connection Type: Ethernet
Printer Type: Quick thermal receipts ONLY. (Includes scannable QR Code on printed receipt.)
Compatibility: Android 7+ and iOS 9.3+

The Workhorse Thermal Receipt Printer

Looking for a thermal receipt printer to use with the Passage Manager App? We recommend (and sell) the STAR TSP650II-Ethernet receipt printer. These printers are VERY fast: just think of the receipt printer at your local fast food restaurant. They print black on white thermal paper, and include the basics of the order, as well as a 3D barcode that is scannable on the Passage system.

Setup: You’ll connect the STAR printer to your wireless router via an ethernet cable. Once connected any mobile device connected via wifi to that same wireless router can print to that printer.

Requirements: You must use a wifi internet connection (rather than cellular) for your iOS devices which you wish to print from.

Retail Price: $595.00