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How to speed up check-in at your event

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A smooth check-in process sets the tone for an enjoyable experience once guests are inside your event. Instead of letting your entry line pile up, use these tips to process guest tickets faster so they can enjoy your event. 

Open Multiple Entrances

The worst event bottlenecks happen when large groups of guests arrive at a single entrance just minutes before an event is scheduled to begin. Spread out the crowds by offering two or more entrances, ideally on opposite sides of your venue. 

Offer Self Check-In

A virtual queue can be a great solution for events that need to process a limited number of guests at a time. Your guests actually check themselves in on their mobile devices when they arrive. This automatically adds them to a virtual queue and lets them know they’re “in line.” Until it’s their turn to enter, guests are free to wait in their vehicles, visit the gift shop, or enjoy some concessions. 

You decide how many guests you can process at a time, and when one group is completed, the system will automatically notify the next group of guests that it’s their turn.

Scan Offline

Waiting 5-10 seconds for your ticket scanner to process each guest is an eternity when you have a long line at the start of your event. Those extra seconds add up. 

Look for a ticketing platform, like Passage, that offers an offline mode for scanning. We automatically sync your list of tickets purchased with your device whenever the system senses a wifi or mobile data connection. It makes scanning faster (less than 2.5 seconds with Passage) and it means that you can continue checking in guests even if you temporarily lose signal. 

There are tons of other ways Passage helps events reach more fans and sell more tickets. Schedule a demo to see what we can do for YOUR event.

Add a VIP Entrance

Skip-the-Line or VIP passes are not only a great way to shorten the lines at your event, they’re an excellent way to boost your revenue. Guests pay a higher ticket price for expedited entry and possibly upgraded amenities inside the event. It’s a win-win!

Bring All Hands on Deck

For many events, there’s a rush of people arriving all at the same time, shortly before the start time. The more people you have scanning guest tickets, the quicker you’ll be able to process that check-in line. 

Assign a few extra team members or volunteers to scan tickets during the busiest guest arrival times. With Passage, ticket scanning can be completed using any iOS or Android device, and you can assign limited scan-only access to those helping with guest entry. You don’t need any special equipment; your team can use their own mobile phones to help scan, then return to their normal event duties once the rush is over. 

Separate Check-In from the Box Office

Don’t make guests who have already purchased tickets wait in the same line as those who are buying on site or picking up will-call orders. Make sure your box office is separated from your entry queue and make sure it’s clearly labeled so that guests who already have tickets don’t mistakenly wait in the wrong line. 

Post Clear Signage

Information is power, and arming guests with the information they need to check into your event gives them the power to make that process easier on themselves. Use simple, easy-to-read signage near your event entrances to communicate with guests. Let them know there are multiple entrances, and clearly label the VIP vs. general admission lines. Ask them to have their tickets ready to scan. Is there a bag check? An ID check? Let them know so they can be ready when they get to the front of the line. 

Got questions about ticketing or check-in for your event? Schedule a demo and get answers from an event expert.