11 struggles only professional event producers will understand

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From the outside, your job might seem like a glamorous, never-ending string of parties. We know better.

1. That stomach-churning, nervous adrenaline high you get the night before, when you’re feeling excited it’s finally happening but also secretly worried that no one will show up.

LOTR gollum

Especially if you’re launching a new event, you know this feeling. 

2. Shopping for last-minute supplies that you totally forgot about.

Blackish shopping panic

Or a Mac adaptor that the venue couldn’t provide. 

3. Living in constant fear of uncooperative weather for outdoor events.

santa blocking snow with umbrellas

Sometimes it feels like Mother Nature is out to get us. 

4. Knowing that no amount of begging and pleading will get your presenters or keynote speakers to turn in their Powerpoints on time.

Jerry Maguire help me

Every. Dang. Time. 

5. Having to dress in layers because sometimes the venue is 1,000 degrees…

Wizard of Oz witch melting

Literally melting.

6. And sometimes it’s freezing cold because the venue overcompensated for all the body heat.

Parks and Rec Ron Swanson cold

Seriously is someone trying to freeze me out?

7. That all-too-familiar fear that strikes when the wifi inevitably goes down or A/V equipment fails in the middle of a seminar.

Aladdin start panicking

All we can do now is pray. 

8. You’re constantly in need of highlighters and pens to keep track of your schedule, registrations, and check-in lists…

Breakfast Club nose pen

Tbh if you’re still using paper check-in lists, we can help save you a ton of time. Drop us a line

9. And you know the cringe-worthy feeling of crossing off the wrong name on your check-in list.

Parks and Rec erase

Seriously, though, it’s a preventable headache

10. You have a recurring nightmare about being trampled when you get in between guests and the open bar.

Animal House Kevin Bacon remain calm

People get way too excited about free bottom-shelf liquor. 

11. You know how to keep a smile on your face, even when it feels like everything is on fire behind the scenes.

woman with help me coffee cup

…while secretly crying inside and/or adding Bailey’s to your fourth cup of coffee. 

Despite all the struggles, you manage to pull it off like a pro.

Will and Grace Karen snap

Planning a professional event, whether it’s a festival or a conference or something else entirely, takes a lot of work and tons of energy. Guests can never fully appreciate the sleepless nights and sacrifice you go through to make sure no detail goes overlooked.

What are your biggest event challenges? What strategies have you tried to overcome them? Let us know in the comments!