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Artists: stop letting middlemen control your fanbase

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Ticket prices for live concerts have quadrupled over the past 20 years. But independent artists are making less and less every year. 


Big box ticketing giants took over the venues. It started with the largest of stadiums and arenas, but in recent years has expanded to even mid-sized concert halls and clubs in markets large and small. Venues have contracts with the big box ticketing providers, who charge your fans huge fees for access to your shows. They require exclusivity: all ticket sales must use their outdated, clunky systems. And they locked venues into multi-year agreements, then left them in the dust when the 2020 pandemic halted in-person gatherings. 

With large stadium shows indefinitely put on hold, music fans are hungry for live experiences…and by live we don’t necessarily mean in-person. 

Virtual events have become the next big things in entertainment. Right now, independent musicians, artists, and performers have a unique opportunity to take back control and connect with your fans directly. 

Passage Virtual Events can help you do that, at zero cost to the artist and a reasonable price for fans. 

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Why Virtual?

1. Unlimited admission = unlimited revenue

With any in-person event, your total potential revenue is limited based on the maximum capacity of your venue. But with a virtual event, there is essentially no ceiling. You can admit as many virtual fans as you want! At the same time, the cost of admitting each additional fan is much, much lower than the cost of hosting guests in-person. 

You might charge a lower ticket price for virtual access but your per-ticket profit will be higher. Plus, there’s no disappointing fans who couldn’t get tickets to your sold-out show.

2. Reach fans far & wide

You might have fans all over the country, but you can’t be with them all at the same time. A virtual access ticket gives fans the ability to feel like they’re part of your event even if they can’t travel to your in-person gathering. And it allows you to earn revenue from those fans who want to support you regardless of where they’re located.

Maybe you have a few fans here and there around the country, or even regionally. You might not have the fanbase to fill nightclubs or theaters on a nationwide tour, but you have fans who want to support you. Introducing a virtual show can not only allow those fans to connect with your events from their homes, it can help new fans discover your work. Your existing supporters can help spread the word by sharing your event on social media; one of their friends might become your next superfan.

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Why Passage?

There are plenty of livestreaming platforms out there, so why should you choose us as your virtual events partner?

ZERO cost to artists

With Passage, you always have the option to pass on our service fee (which is way less than those big box providers, btw) to the ticket purchaser. There are no contracts, no setup costs, and no hidden fees. Use us for one show or 1,000. Whatever works for you.

NEW: Pay-what-you-can tickets

With Passage, you can give your fans the option to decide how much they can pay to attend your show. This is especially useful right now, when many of us are hurting from the fallout of the 2020 pandemic. It’s also great for virtual events which have unlimited attendance so you may be less concerned with bringing in a specific price per ticket to cover your costs. You can set a minimum amount if you wish. 

Instant donations

During your show, fans can send tips or donations right in your livestream. They can donate with one click using their payment information saved on file when they purchased their tickets. All donations are transferred to your bank account within two business days, just like normal ticket sales.

Need help setting up your virtual show? Schedule an onboarding call with our support team. We’ll set everything up for you!

Live chat

Passage gives you the power to chat with your fans and allows fans to chat with one another in a live feed during your show. Host Q&A sessions or give shoutouts to fans during your livestream.


Doing a series of virtual shows? Give your fans the option to purchase a series pass or ticket bundle which gives them access to every performance.  

Bundles can also be ticket + product packages. Instead of just selling access to your event, add on products that either make the event interactive or allow fans to wear their support on their sleeve.

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Marketing & social benefits

As the artist and event producer, you’ll get the contact information of every fan who attends, so you can keep in touch with them long after your show ends. Add them to your email list so they’ll be the first to know about future shows, new music, merch, or special offers and promotions. 

You can help incentivize your fans to share your events (virtual or in-person) by using Passage’s social discounts feature. Ticket purchasers get an immediate discount for sharing your event with their friends and followers on Facebook or Twitter. You choose the amount to discount (% or $ off the total ticket price), and can reach hundreds of potential new supporters every time someone shares your message.


Record your livestream and continue selling access after the event ends. Remember, there’s no limit on the number of attendees with a virtual event!

Need help setting up your virtual show? Schedule an onboarding call with our support team. We’ll set everything up for you!